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Annabeth's past was not all that happy nor did she ever seek attention or is popular.


Now that she is going to high school; she thought being in the shadows and studying would make this phase also pass by normally.


She did not expect a strange intruder to come and turn her world upside down. James is an Alpha of his werewolf pack and has a devilish interest in Annabeth.


While a handsome hunter named Ethan also comes along the way to help Annabeth. Once Annabeth starts venturing out in the world filled with secrets; she comes to know that she herself has been a secret all along.


A thrilling romantic story that will take you to an interesting adventure. This fantasy novel which contains all the elements like dark woods, werewolves, nerds hunters alpha, etc., which attract teenagers just like her and help escape into another word. 

This fiction novel is first in the trilogy series called Supernatural Secret.

Super Natural Secret

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