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Get set ready for a beautiful spiritual journey and discover why a little magic is essential for life.

Nowadays people don’t want to call themselves religious, they wish themselves to be called spiritual. The much-talented Spark writers have voiced out what spirituality means to them. They quench your thirst for a quest on spirituality and have attempted to give answers to a wide range of questions that you may be pondering over like

• Finding an inner meaning of what life is.
• How prayers, meditation, and quiet reflection helps.
• How going on long walks bring inner peace.
• What are inner values?
• What is inner harmony?
• What is the ultimate purpose of life?
• What is separating I from the body?
• What is real growth and transformation?
• Are my own fears blocking me to do the things I have committed?

Meet Suma Varughese, the editor of Life Positive who has shared her insights on spirituality. Also feel the grandeur of the world culture festival which, has been covered in a unique way. The writers drawn from different walks of life from across the entire country will inspire you into a spiritual journey.

Souls' Sojourn

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