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Reading books is a kind of pleasure. It educates you, informs you, motivates you, and inspires you. Reading is a good habit that ignites your thoughts and ideas. “Lights. Camera. Brands in Action.” Is not a so-called regular book, it is a different kind of book that you can carry along where ever you want. It is easy to carry and an easy-to-read book. A game-changing approach to branding and advertising. In my career which spans over one decade and a half, I have seen many brands rise and fall. I have seen hundreds of potential brands fail to create their niche in the market. Though there are multiple reasons for their failure, when it comes to branding, a few obvious one is - they didn’t brand themselves well. They failed to study their market. They overlooked, ignored, or ill-treated their competition. They failed to create their brand personality and recall value. They failed to evaluate and re-evaluate their branding activities. They failed to define their right target audience. They opted for the wrong platforms. To sum up, they were trapped in their branding misconceptions! A brand’s success or failure does not happen overnight. For a loyal customer, this is a really, really gradual process, something like the end of a long romantic relationship. Wherein you wake up one morning and realize you no longer know the person lying next to you. Now the question is, what is it that will create a spark between the brand and its audience? How will you capture something that’s so dynamic and yet is gone in just a flash of seconds? How do you create your brand personality and give it a voice that stays for longer in the minds and hearts of its consumers? Well, here I am with a bunch of movie dialogues that will make you think the other way around.


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