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ANAND enchants us with tales of success and romance amid inevitable obstacles in the life of Anand Vikram Appaiah. In business, Anand is a champion of coffee production in India. In romance, he explores his youthfulness by getting entwined with the pangs of two beautiful women who lure him deeper into the depths of affection. At the peak of his success, an unexpected ploy from his friends-turned-foes – the Minister of Mines and Geology, and the Chief Minister – blows Anand off his position and shakes his confidence. How does their game plan surface? How does Anand face the challenges thrown at him? What will he do to protect his passion for coffee? Will he be able to save the business he has built from scratch? This book takes us through the captivating journey of Anand and his business journey that gets entwined with his personal life inextricably.


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