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Relationships are bonds that are not meant to be broken. The need of the hour is to improve the relationships that contribute towards happy living. The family of Sparkians has made an effort through their writings in the form of stories, poems and articles to make the bonds between husband-wife, siblings, parent-children, boss-employee, friends and relatives stronger, and the ties powerful.

They have shared their insights to make complex relations simple. They have also suggested ways and means that hold the threads of bonding and weave them into a beautiful fabric of the relationship. I am proud to present this book 'Labyrinth of Relationships', edited and co-edited by Sulekha Chandra and Syeda F R respectively. I hope you'll enjoy this delightful book as you turn over the pages, sipping your coffee. The complicated relationship issues can be untangled only by giving unconditional love to your near and dear ones.

Labyrinth of Relationships

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