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No longer is the all-embracing phenomenon, that is media in India, the noble mission it once was, particularly before Independence. It has gone through a sea-change unrecognizably, keeping pace with modern fast-paced life. No longer is it a profession too, but an outright commercial venture. News has become a commodity to sell.Hype and sensation have overtaken sobriety and restraint. The trivia has a premium.
There are however mediamen and media units with high ethical values and personal and professional integrity. Along with the Press Council of India, they have been striving to arrest the decline and bring back the glorious past. But ruefully negative aspects outnumber and overshadow positive ones. That is why there is today imperative need for code of conduct---to be implemented by mediamen themselves by self-discipline and self-regulation.

The book sincerely and passionately tries—and dispassionately too--to examine both pluses and minuses. Based on events and experiences in the professional careers—of the Author, his colleagues and many other journalists. It refers to several professionals and professional journals and draws upon Press Council of India and Wikipedia. Whatever is presented here is backed by actual news items and other reports, thoroughly verified; their sources, months and years of their appearance have been mentioned. But it was not practically possible to do so at many places.

The book narrates a wide variety of events and anecdotes abounding in the profession. They are inspiring, interesting and informative. They are a mirror to man. They also provide relief to an essentially serious exercise.


FOR WHOM, OUR MEDIA ?: Comprehensive Overview of today's media in India

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