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Myriad thoughts in one’s head may torment, torture and break down mental stability. As somebody rightly said, the worst place that one can live is in their one’s own heads.

Sparkians, through their rave stories, experiences, anecdotes and articles have suggested remedies, healing techniques, and prevention cues in order to keep one’s mind healthy. They also bring in an awareness that mental health is not detrimental to a family or an individual as conceived by many. People with mental illness are no different from someone with a headache. They deserve the same support, sympathy, love, and compassion as that received by any person with a physical imbalance of health.

People with mental illness are like birds who on one wing are bogged down by depression and on the other wing don’t want to lose their normal world. So let us support them both to stay safe in their nest and to fly with their normal folk.

Code, Uncode your Psy-key

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